File system error (#0)

Using 2021 Release 1.1 on macOS Big Sur 11.3.1 on Intel.

The program runs fine when I choose “Run”, but I get an error on “Build”: Compilation of “MyProgram” failed. A file system error occurred (#0) for “MyProgram”. If the application already exists, please make sure that it is not currently running, otherwise please make sure that the destination directory is writable. I’m writing to a dropbox folder on my computer. I’m running Bitdefender anti-virus, but turned it off to test after this problem occurred. The program is not running.

Any thoughts?

Don’t use Dropbox for your project.

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Right, don’t use Dropbox as the build destination. Dropbox locked files and folders while they are being transferred to their servers and prevents the IDE from writing the pieces it needs.

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Thanks! That solved it, but this is a new problem. Don’t know if it’s a macOS upgrade or something else. I’ve been using Dropbox for several years now without a problem.

You’ve just been lucky.

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