File-Save takes a long time

For my project (in .xojo_project format), I modify a single line of code in a single class, then select File - Save. Xojo saves the .xojo_code file of the modified class, but also redundantly saves the .xojo_code files of roughly 25% of all untouched items in the project.

It takes 30-60 seconds to save even for a one line change.


Why are all these untouched project items saved?

How can one optimize time taken to save the project?

We’re aware of this problem where the IDE touches and saves more than what you have been working on. As I mentioned in another post earlier today, the IDE doesn’t currently know the difference between something that the user has changed vs what the IDE changed as a result of a user action. Unfortunately that means that just peripherally modifying an object can unnecessarily affect anything that it’s connected to.

It’s something that we’re working on but we just haven’t worked out all of the edge cases.

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are your files stored in a cloud drive?
what is the count of files and MByte at disc?

No. They are stored locally on SSD.

Number of project items = 3200; Source code = 15MB total

If macOS, did you set some icons to your File Type Set Custon Icons ?

ui, sound like a grown project.
but 15 MB took a USB 2 Stick in a Second.
abnormally for SSD!!!
if the time is waste by IDE could answer only Xojo Team.
30-60 seconds to save is far too long.

My project(web) takes up 43mb and takes about 22 seconds(variables) to save in Binary format, and takes about 33 seconds(variables) in Xojo Project. I have a samsung 860 QVO SSD. I record the same time (of course always variable depending on the situation) also on my home computer with NVME 4.0 and Ryzen 5800x
The version used in the test videos is the 2021r1.

Ouch ! This is slow…

I have a 72MB project (why that size ?), and it is faster.

The project was 28MB until last april (COVID19 ?) where it grows to 61MB, then 72MB…

I just do a Save As and it tooks 1 second to create and save the new one. (Xojo 2015r1 / El Capitan). No time to check on High Sierra Xojo 2021r1.

Oh, no, I do not added so many code nor images to the project.

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