File Properties and folder copying

To start of I am running on realbasic personal 2011 R3.

I am looking to make a program to back up my files. The thing is I have 3 locations in which I could save my files to, my hard drive, network drive or a portible hard drive.

I am looking to make a program that would check the last time each file was saved and compared to ensure all three locations have the most up to date version of all the files.

so my first question is, is it possible to look at the properties of a file and get its last saved date/time, if so how?

My next question is how do I copy the files?

I havent really done much file manipulation in realbasic/xojo

Look at the ModificationDate property and CopyFileTo method.

Just wanted to say, being new to observing this forum:

This is a great place. So many people here are very helpful.

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Great stuff here.

very few here generate zero responses… it might take us a few days but we generally give some sort of response.

and yes I do believe we have some of the most helpful and friendliest people. and there are exceptions to both.

Hi guys thanks for the replies,

sorry for my late reply been away from a pc for the last few days so been unable to check up :slight_smile: