file path separator

In python there is a path separator defined os.path.sep which returns the correct separator depending on the os. I’m not finding anything for xojo. For the time being I’ve created my own platform dependant property, but I’m wondering where I’m not looking to find it

not saw this.
i use SpecialFolder… and FolderItem with .Child(“Name”)
and save a path as example for recent used files with .NativePath and restore it with the FolderItem constructor.
maybe look into = App.ExecutableFile.NativePath what /slash\ is used.

There isnt
But a dynamic constant defined as

macOS any language = “/”
Windows any language = “”
Lnux any language = “/”

would be serviceable

Building file paths in a string is generally frowned upon. Use the FolderItem functions instead.

@Norman Palardy That is I achieved it.
@Tim Hare Yes, I stumbled across .Child last night and realised that was probably what it was designed for :slight_smile: