File organization on cloud

I was wondering if every app I upload on xojo cloud has its own folder or it’s in a big common folder.
Since my apps save/load some small text files where preferences or usage stats are stored I need to know if I have to rename these files in a unique way per each app or it’s not necessary. In other words, is there risks of overwriting ? or that different apps load the same file ?

thanks regards

Each app has its own folder, but keep in mind that those files are also accessible from the Internet. If you need a place that is not, use SpecialFolder.SharedDocuments and create a separate folder for each of your apps in there.

What do you mean with accessible ? readable ? I don’t mind if someon reads them, it’s just a bunch of numbers.

I mean that a file named prefs.txt might be downloaded with a url like if it were in the same directory as the app itself.