File on Pi after VNC File transfer is previous version

I’m using VNC to copy a 2017 r1.1 compiled programs from Windows 7 to a Pi 3. The data and time for the transferred file is the same as the corresponding file on my Windows PC, but when I execute the code, it is a previous version. I haven’t figured out a consistent way to make the transferred file the same as the source file.
And is there a way to avoid having to set the permission every time to Anyone?

You could make sure the old version is deleted first, before transferring the new file.

As far having to set the permission every time you could do it via Terminal and keep terminal open and reuse the command every time you need it.

That is what is surprising, deleting the old version does not work.

  1. Delete old folder
  2. Transfer new version - when run it is still the old version, even though it has the new version time stamp
  3. Transfer same new version again - a new folder with (1) appended, and that is really be the new file.
    But that kills the option of leaving terminal open to reuse setting permission.

Hi David,

I have this issue frequently and it is my own fault ( I jokingly say I am getting old). I will frequently rename my executable or output Linux file and will forget to change to the new VNC directory.

My suggestion would be to 1) click on the VNC file transfer button, 2) press send files, 3) click on the C:\ drive to reset the VNC browser position and go to the location of your Raspberry Pi files.

This usually works for me :slight_smile:

Thanks Eugene, I also have the age excuse, and I’m not sure what you mean by step 3). I assume the C: drive is on your PC, but what is the VNC browser position? And why would I go to my PC for files I just copied to the Pi? I’m totally missing something!

When I transfer a folder with files from my PC to the Pi, the VNC browser remembers the last location on my PC that the files were sent from. If I click on ‘my computer’ to get to the C:\ drive in the VNC browser, then I will click on the folders to get to the location of the files on my PC to be transferred to the Pi. Before I transfer the files, I check the time stamp for the files and if it is too old, then I know I am in the wrong directory. :slight_smile:

If the issue is with the files that are on the Pi, I do the same steps as @Bob Keeney does, which is to delete the old directory and files before copying new files from my PC. If I forget (which I often do) then the new folder name has a (1) at the end of the file name. This contains the new transferred files.

It is me that’s missing something. LOL, its time for me to wander to my bed :slight_smile:

Ah, ok I understand your suggestion now. My problem is on the Pi end, not the PC end. Bob Keeney’s suggestion of deleting the old directory does not work for me. But letting the old directory stay, so the Pi makes a new one with a new name, does get the file I want. It’s just more busy work jumping around directories to get to it.