File in the cloud?

One of my users just totally hosed his database after saving a 50 GB file to GoogleDrive. Can I check somehow if the file is in the Cloud or not? For the GoogleDrive I could see GoogleDrive in the path. Some enterprising users have been using iCloud and Dropbox isn’t a good idea either.

I ‘get’ using these online storage to duplicate what is on a machine.
The current trend of pretending that it somehow increases the drive space by ‘synching’ files offline is horrendous.
iCloud changed all my file paths
I turned it off, and all my documents disappeared from my Mac, causing me to lose nearly a week trying to recreate folders and copy files back to be local.
Trying to work on files that are synched to iCloud is very slow too.

In terms of ‘is the file in the cloud’, the answer should be ‘log in to that Google drive from another machine and try downloading from there’ ?

Another of my users had the same fun that you had, too.

I thought more about checking the path of the database and give a warning before trying to open and destroying it.

Sadly, you need to do this manually. For iCloud there is Apple API, but Dropbox doesn’t use it, and I doubt Google does either.

It’s a nightmare, and causes so many issues for anything other than simple files.