File Encryption.

Have 40gb File I need to encrypt and I have tried various encryption systems like crypto and rsa plugin but find they are very slow or more than double the size of the file. Crypto involve public and private keys so not sure that it i suitable for my needs.

Am willing to try anything as long as is not to complex.

Does not have to be a very strong encryption as long as it stops the casual snooper but needs to be quick and used a string password.

Thanks for any Help.

how do you plan to decrypt it to use it ?
from the cmd line ? in another tool ?

reading it in and stuffing it into an encrypted database thats on disk is pretty simple and effective

Try AES-128 or Blowfish, both available in my M_Crypto module.

Or use an encrypted zip file through the command line. The password for either can be exchanged through public /private key encryption.

MBS Xojo Encryption Plugin can do huge file encryption.
See CipherMBS class where we have ProcessFile method, which runs in preemptive thread in background to read data in chunks, encrypt and write back to new file.

To answer the Questions set.

I want to include it in a program I can send to the recipient to use to encrypt/decrypt files.(not commercial)

Looked at M_Crypto but could not work it out (sorry).

MBS Plugins cost money that’s why I Cannot use it.

Not sure about database but will take a look.


at least the db its built in and pretty darned secure

Will take a look at a database but not sure how to store a file in it.

read file in to memoryblock (or in chunks)
shove into blob column or into a table that has “chunks” of data ordered serially

reverse that to write it out

and preserve the file name too

Thanks will take a look and see if I can work it out.

If I can crack it it will mean That more than one file can be stored as well.

oh definitely

Ken Tekinay Have looked at your m_crypto and found it interesting but it show you how to encrypt data but not how to decrypt data.


The unit tests that come with it show both.

Sorry but I must be daft…

Where is the plugin…

Have allsorts of code but not sure where what to download to make it work…

You download the entire set, either through git or by using the link on that page. Within it are the actual project files that have the extension “.xojo_project”. Open those to open the project and see the code inside.

For example, once you have downloaded the whole thing, find the Desktop Harness folder and double-click M_Crypto Harness.xojo_project within it.

Thank You Got it…

Will take me a while but will keep me busy and save me going mad with being stuck in.

As a matter of fact I use an encrypted database to store my big text file, although it’s not as big as your 40GB file. And the size of the file, at least in my case, remains the same.

Tip: if you go this way: after creating the sql file, do not drop it into your project: it won’t work. Instead right-click Mac (or Windows or Linux) in the IDE, select “Add to Mac > Build Step > Copy Files” and drop it into the relevant window. As for “Destination” (in the Inspector) I chose “Resources Folder”, so that retrieving it is very simple: specialfolder.getResource(“mySQLfile”).

Maybe this thread is of any help. It’s about the RC4 algorithm. Easy to implement and fast enough to use.