File dropping on a TextArea

I am starting a new project and came across something weird, at least to my mind. I put in a TextArea and nothing else (so far). I unintentionally dragged a JPG file onto it and dropped it. My expectation was that noting would happen but instead the image was displayed. There are no AcceptFileDrop statements anywhere, nor any DragOver or DropObject statements. The TextArea is acting like it will accept anything dropped on it and process it if it is an image.

I then added a JSON FileType definition in FileTypes1 and an AcceptFileDrop(“JSON”) in the TextArea’s Open event thinking that it would restrict things but image files were still being displayed.

Is this normal? I was under the impression that anything dropped on the control was to be rejected unless specifically allowed for.

Full disclosure, I am running Xojo 2019r3.1 on Windows 10.