file.creationDateTime bug - not fixed

A bug reported a few years ago as fixed - is still there.

bug report
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The problem now is that setting the creationdatetime of a folder results in a date that is 430 seconds (just over 7 minutes) out.

I have created a new bug report bug report

Looks like a recurrent regression. Xojo should include tests with asserts to alert them of possible future fails, again, needing fixes redone.

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I’m sure Robin will ask:

  • Xojo version
  • OS used
  • Sample code

use an API2 datetime class instead of an API1 date class to store the dates
and it should work fine…

.DateTime is API 2.0…

yes and if you use a date class with these folderitem properties, you get wrong results.
I don’t say this bug doesn’t need a fix, but as it is an api1 bug in an api 2 world, it will never be corrected…

But even this was fixed in the past. Regression.

No problems here (added info to the ticket). That is why a sample is suggested:

Edit: no problems with the new sample code either (I guess is a macOS update that is causing the problem)

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The example all uses DateTime

I guess this only happens with macOS 14.x ?

In the past some bugs needed specific combinations of factors, like some only showing up in specific locales during Daylight Saving Time (DST) periods. So, one guy could present a problem, and another one with the exact same setup (in a different region) not. So more checks may be needed.