File Comparison tool?

Hello all,
Can anyone suggest a good/decent low cost file comparison tool to look for differences in code?


OSX? use the build in DIFF command line tool
WIN? not sure

There are also plenty of 3rd party apps the put a GUI front end of these utilties

platform ?
On OS X Xcode includes FileMerge which does a decent job of diffing files
BBEdit does a nice job and you can diff entire directory structures full of files

There’s also

You might want to look at ARBed. It can look at Xojo project files in binary, xml and version control format.

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UltraEdit does a better job than BBEdit (my opinion)

Sorry guys. I left out the critical elements - Windoz.
Will take a look at the ones you all have suggested in the meantime!

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Tim has buildin file compare textbased has buildin file compare textbased and binary

I use Araxis Merge on Windows. Easily the best in my opinion, but not cheap by any means. Works will with TortoiseHg (Mercurial-based) source control, which is free to use.

I agree that UltraEdit is excellent on any platform.

I also use WinMerge when I am working on a machine that does not have UltraEdit.

I don’t use a plain text editor enough to have bothered looking for anything other than my 5 year old copy of BBEdit :stuck_out_tongue:

Beyond Compare?

I looked at Beyond Compare, nice tool, reasonably priced and is very popular on in the comments on other forums like stack overflow. I preferred Araxis Merge in the end, but would have been happy with Beyond Compare.

I use WinMerge:


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Don’t forget TextWrangler! The BBEdit little sister :slight_smile: