Figureshape Width Change issue


I have read the LR and I know I am missing something little here, but my code below shows me “trying” to change the width of the addline to 2.0. When it is set to 2.0 the line never appears, but when I set it back to 1.0 it works fine. Any help is much appreciated!

Sub mDrawClockHourHand(g as Graphics)
  Dim HourHand as New FigureShape
  HourHand.AddLine 0, 0, 5, 30
  HourHand.Border = 100
  HourHand.BorderColor = &c0000ff  // blue
  HourHand.BorderWidth = 2.0
  HourHand.X = me.Width/2
  HourHand.y  = me.Height/2
  if CalendarWindow.TimePicker1.Time_Hour = "12" then
    ClockHourValue = 3.308
    HourHand.Rotation = ClockHourValue
    HourHand.Rotation =  ClockHourValue
  End if
  g.DrawObject HourHand
End Sub

Wow, that’s a big stinkin’ bug. I’ve filed a report with a sample project:


Thanks Eric!

The workaround is to use a CurveShape instead of FigureShape when the shape is a single line.

I can’t believe this bug was only reported today. Object2D has been around for years… unless the switch to Cocoa screwed it up somehow.

Thank you Will and Eric. I will switchover to Curveshape using a single line.

Curveshape worked perfectly as a workaround. Thanks!