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I remember long ago, before Xojo Web 2.0 did see the daylight, we were promised to get a web version of Feedback. This would be nice because:

  1. current desktop version isn’t fantastic;
  2. a web version of Feedback would really show what can be done in Xojo web and what the added value of web 2.0 is compared to web 1.0 and competitor platforms within the same range;
    Now I stick with the idea web 2.0 is still not suitable for an application of that caliber.
    Don’t think lack of development time and resources would be an acceptable excuses here, since we all know seeing a team eating it’s own dogfood gives a lot of trust and comfortable feeling to clients / developers using Xojo products. So it should be prioritized and eventually outsourced. Our MVP’s could act like a team and define the outlines of Feedback Web. ??
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I guess you have not been reading the forum lately?

First this came:

Followed by a lot of emotions and discussion…

Geoff’s blogpost is dated december 1 2021. Our thoughts have crossed.

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