Feedback system considerations

I will try to be less argumentative and more concrete. I don’t know if there are already posts about this, in case I apologize for the repetition. I don’t know how the new web version feedback system will be but I have a proposal. If you look at the “User Favorites” category we have a list of 20 feedbacks among which 18 are requests for new features/ideas and 2 are just bug fixes. This is not good at all, because it doesn’t make sense to put new things first when the old ones don’t work. This happens because new features push users to vote for the same things, while bugs are much more personal.
My idea is to have these two “categories” split, so that points are given to both and with different priorities. For example, I would also like to have Watchpoints implemented in the debugger, but if I can’t convert my project because of bugs on the new version it doesn’t make sense for me to see it at the top of the overall list. With the suggested split hopefully the bug “at the top of my bug list” will be fixed in parallel with the new feature.

I had an issue with the HttpSecureSocket class in 2019 (I had to switch to curl), if I had waited for the xojo team to fix the issue, to this day I would have found myself paying for the license (or not) to still use the 2018 version. This is not a whim, but an urgent need (for me). I can’t tell my users, sorry the HttpSecureSocket class broke and you won’t be able to use invoices anymore, or I can’t implement new features found in later versions of xojo.

Another idea… I don’t know if it is feasible, but you would need to try to categorize or merge more feedback together for 2 reasons.

1.Ease of search for team and users
2. Understand the severity of the problem

Other example: Lately I see so many posts(including mine) about WebContainer bugs in web 2.0 . I haven’t counted them but my guess is that at least a dozen feedbacks will have been posted. I hoped that the problems were solved in the 2021r1 version, but now I have to wait 3 more months.

Last proposal rejected for a long time already (but I try anyway) … release updates more frequently. As you can see every time a new version is released there are new bugs (as in all software). The serious thing, however, is that apart from very serious bugs that are more or less fixed immediately, the others are waiting for who knows what. They continue to accumulate because between one release and another (which provides new features, or change the underlying structure to implement new features) pass months. If I may say so, in 2021, seeing how technology evolves, you can’t afford to update software so infrequently. Whether it’s security/bug/crash/graphical problems, the software must be updated…

I am willing to do 1 case of feedback per idea, if the idea is supported by the community though. Otherwise it’s all useless because it becomes another ignored feedback because it’s not on the top of the list like Android…

What do you guys think?

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