Feedback status Archived?

Feedback Case Number: 51124

Status: Archived

Uhhh, did I miss an explanation of this?

Seems so. This is especially clever as you can’t search for Archived and the issues show up as status N/A:

There wasn’t even a change in Last Modified Date.

See blog post:

Thanks Christian, I totally forgot about that last part. Around 100 cases to go through today then for me.

I sure hope they have a way to track/get notified about these reopen requests as they don’t update the case modified date and I hope they alter it so we can filter by those.

Sigh… had forgotten about that. Got only 17. Thanks for letting me do Xojo’s job.

Honestly, if they are proactive about fixing the ones that get marked for reopen and don’t ignore them again then I don’t mind this system as we are essentially instantly increases their “important to someone status” by another one while confirming if the problem still exists and hasn’t been stealth fixed already. But only time will tell.

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Hmm just thinking about this, it needs a way for us to finally close the case and remove it from archived as there is no way for us to track if we have checked it after its been archived so over time the list for us to keep an eye on will grow larger and more awkward/frustrating to check.

Yup, this is going to be a problem. Especially, when the Xojo people are going to archive more cases.

My problem is that I have so many favourites, that the Feedback app times out while loading them. :frowning:
I can only look the list of my cases.

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And now 140 case with N/A as status!

  • Archived: The case has had no activity in the last 2 years.

I know I have a ton of very old cases, some 15 years old.
And I closed a bunch myself over the years as stuff is outdated, e.g. we have no longer MacOS Classic as target.
But this was kind of a surprise today.

@MVP Could someone raise this with Xojo please before I start going over my cases as I’d like some way to mark that I’ve checked an archive case and it really can be put to rest. Thanks.

I bet you should make a feature request… in Feedback :wink:

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You can already request cases to be closed.

Can’t, the only options are Reopen or Make Private.

Did anyone get an Archived issue opened again?

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