Feedback Not Letting Me Submit

I installed the new version of Feedback.
Entered data.
Submit button is not enabled.

I’m dead in the water.

First, make sure you have a “Summary” (which has no red letters), a “Product”, an “OS”, a “Xojo Version”, a “Case Type” and a few “Steps to Reproduce”. All of these must be selected or filled with data.

If all goes wrong, maybe reinstall the Feedback app?


Everything is filled in. I’ll try reinstalling.

I think this is bad design. It’s better to tell users there’s a problem rather than having to guess the problem. The submit button should always be available even if clicking it would generate an error message.

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Reinstalling software almost never fixes problems. Can you show us a screenshot of your Feedback case? I call the design of Feedback “obfuscated”.

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Is your Summary long enough?
Short Summary = No Submit

Longer Summary = Submit


it is not the best design to force the user to input minimum of words in summary …
i agree … submit should be enabled and ask you to input a longer summary.

Or instead of 1 star, maybe put some text saying “Too short.”

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Thanks to everyone. The problem was the summary was too short. Stars???

An error message would really be helpful.


:thinking: Style over substance or trying to shame the user? :flushed:

Windows Users would not agree :wink:

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