Feedback not allowing new cases?

Today, I realised that whenever I try to create a new case in Feedback, the “Submit” button is disabled. I’m running Feedback 2017r1.2 on macOS 10.12.6. I checked to have a valid licence in the IDE, Feedback correctly lists my installed IDEs, allows me to assign Points etc. It just don’t want to allow me submitting new cases. Tried with Bug / Beta Bug / Feature Request, visibility settings etc. I can comment on existing cases, thus.
Is there any known work at the backend currently going on?

You must search first.

The button becomes enabled after you set a summary / title that is long enough to be considered descriptive (at least three stars).


that’s it! But apparently three stars are not enough. You need two spaces as well! “Thread.DebugIdentifier undocumented” gets me tree stars, but the Submit button is not active until I add another blank at the end. oh my!