Feedback Grinds The Disk

When starting the feedback app on Linux, the “Logging in” box appears, and when the progress bar gets half way across I hear the hard drive grinding away. This lasts for about 30 seconds, sometimes more. It happens every time I start it.

What on earth is it doing that requires such violent disk activity?

First of all, what version of feedback are you running?

It’s the one that gets installed with the very latest Xojo (downloaded yesterday I think) and launched from the IDE.
About shows : 2016r1 64bit

Running latest Mint 18, fully patched.

The only thing that Feedback does during that time is log in, download updated resources and load some images.

Doesn’t much matter, I suppose, as I hardly ever use it. It is odd though, does it every time for me.

I’ve run process monitor on the windows version (2016r1 built with 2016r2.1) and it:

  • reads in C:\Program Files (x86)\Xojo\Xojo Feedback\Feedback Resources\ 4 bytes at a time (for the majority)
  • accesses feedback.db a heck of a lot for a 69k file during the login process

It seems like the accessing of feedback.db is the issue according to resource monitor. I have no idea what you’re doing to that small file, but its a lot of access.