Feedback Error - Release Notes

Immediately after selecting Release Notes in the left pane of Feedback, the following error message is displayed:

Communication with the Feedback master server has failed.

lib.database.php(738): Database error: “ERROR: syntax error at or near “)”
LINE 1: …lic=1 AND release_notes.public=1 AND reports.report_id IN ()
^” (0)
SQL: SELECT release_notes.release_note_id,release_notes.body,reports.report_id,milestones.version,reports.type_id,reports.product_id,,release_notes.public, as parentcatname, as catname FROM release_notes,milestones,products,reports LEFT JOIN categories ON reports.category_id = categories.category_id LEFT JOIN categories AS parentcategories ON categories.parent_id = parentcategories.category_id WHERE release_notes.report_id=reports.report_id AND reports.milestone_id=milestones.milestone_id AND reports.product_id=products.product_id AND milestones.version IS NOT NULL AND milestones.ship_date <= ‘2014-11-07’ AND products.public=1 AND release_notes.public=1 AND reports.report_id IN ()

Feedback 2014r1 on OS X 10.10.

<> Feedback - Database Syntax Error

Heck, I can’t even log into Feedback this morning. Keeps giving me a Master Server error.

just got in straight away in the feedback program. do u still have the problem with the master server error?

Yeah. Works now.

This has already been fixed. Thanks Greg!