Feedback case 63467 - Changing properties on a ToolbarButton wipes out changes made with declares on macOS

The feedback case would seem to suggest that using declares to set the image of a toolbar item should not be blanked when value of .Enabled is set. However, this is not the case. The icon is still wiped. Is that correct?

Is what correct? That it shouldn’t or that it does?

I would prefer it if changing the properties of a ToolbarButton via Xojo API didn’t remove the icon that was set via declares.

The current workarounds I personally use are.

  • Use a button or other control as the “View” of the NSToolbarItem, and setting the status on the “view” via Xojo API.
  • Use declares to control the state of the NSToolbarItem.

I understand what you want, but I’d like to know what @Ian_Kennedy was asking.

I was asking, perhaps cryptically, if this bug was supposed to fix feedback issue <>.

Where loading an image into the control using declares gets wiped when you set a xojo property (which does sound a lot like the description on 63467 suggests is fixed).

I can also confirm that setting the icon via declares and then altering the .enabled property still causes the icon to be wiped from the toolbar, even when using 2021r1.