Feedback button causes Xojo to crash... without saving!

I’ve been using this IDE long enough that it’s my habit to always Cmd-S before Cmd-R (many lines of code lost back in the day).

Today, I lost 2 hours worth of code because Xojo crashed and didn’t give me the opportunity to save.

All I did was click the ‘Feedback’ button in the IDE toolbar. Turns out, I had not yet downloaded the Feedback app on my new iMac.

No error.

No, “Would you like to save your hard work before I bail?”

Nope. Just a pretty picture of Santa Catalina Island and no explaination. :frowning:


I can confirm this with 2020r1. I uninstalled Feedback and it definitely crashes when clicking Feedback. It does NOT happen with 2019r3.2. File a bug report.

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Already done… <>


It bugs me with the 2019x series, that you press command-s to save, then have to wait until it’s finished saving to press command-r to run it. Used to work with 2018 and prior.

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I have verified the report (it was quite easy to reproduce).

I’m glad you pointed that out because I don’t remember that changing intentionally but perhaps it did and I’m just not remembering why. I’ll find out.

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