Feedback bug list color

I read the page 2021r2_Release_Notes and I compared it to my cases I reported.

As the Xojo bugs not corrected came back every weeks on the forum, what do you think about put color on the Bug icon?

  • Red Bug : Not corrected.
  • Green Bug : Corrected (the bug 64605 should be green).
  • Blue or Purple or etc. : Not a bug (as design). (I think it’s already the case as my old report case 17538 has a blue bug icon.)
  • Grey (or other color) : Abandon (as are AddressBook instructions).

As the bug are listed in the Release_Notes, it may be not too complicated to run a program which change the Bug icon color.
It would be a great indicator to see how many Bugs are red, green or blue.

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Plus Dead Cry Bug after Months nothing happens …


The idea reminds me of the multi-hued emails spreadsheets that the guys at my former working place so loved. I never could remember the meaning of the colors.

Besides, you would have 99% of all issues as abandoned bugs.

sure it need a color explanation somewhere on the page or as tooltip.