Feedback Attachments

Just a quick note about Feedback attachments. We are aware of the problem that is causing crashes and its first on my to-do list for today. If you do need to file a bug report, please insert a Dropbox or other file sharing link for now.

We’ve made some more server adjustments. Attachments should be working again now.

Just got hit with the attachment bug again:

I restarted feedback, it found the un-submitted ticket and submitted it without issue this time. :slight_smile:

Me too… submitting the un-submitted one usually works, but this leads to .png’s being added as .png.gz. and i don’t like that, as you can’t preview the added picture(s) within feedback.
I kind of resigned, and only add text for a new Feedback. Then ‘add info’ and add the attachment(s). This currently seems to work.

Same here :slight_smile:

You may need to add pngs again.

I often make initial feedback case with little information.
And than add attachments and more texts in separate additions.

I was just bit by this one today…

Edit: The feedback case was successfully submitted the second time, and I needed to Ctrl-alt-del shutdown of feedback program. Restarting the program then allowed automatic resubmission of the feedback case.

Am I correct in presuming that Christian’s feedback is where this additional information should be placed?

of course if you like to add something, feel free to comment there.

Had another one today…

This is after two tries. I will try again and see what happens…

The feedback was successful on the third submission.

Thanks Christian. I added information to this feedback case.