Feedback App localized en espanol?

Just installed Feedback. Where does Feedback got its localization information from?

I am running German as primary language and English as second on Mac OSX 10.9

Feedback is running in Spanish.

Although I am able to read and understand most of it, I would prefer German or English

Where does Spanish occur in your list of languages ?
I don’t usually ask people to do this but can you open the package & see what the plist says for the key CFBundleDevelopmentRegion.
And what languages (.lproj directories) are in the Resources in the package

plist says

Resources holds en.lproj and es.lproj

Spanish is not in my language list. But so was English. I added English as second language and now Feedback shows up in English

Yes if Spanish was listed before English then that would explain why it showed in Spanish

neither Spanish nor English where listed in my languages list. Only German was listed. So as only en.lproj and es.lproj are available, system picked Spanish by chance.

Ah yeah when they are not listed I’m not sure how it determines which one to use
I would have expected it to default back to the development region (which my understand is that’s what should happen)
Apparently thats not the case