Feedback app: “archived” status isn't applied to all “old” cases


When searching in Feedback, there are many cases with the “Open” status, albeit they have had no activity for more than two years. This seem to be wrong, per the documentation:
“Archived: The case has had no activity in the last 2 years.”

Is the system broken, or I’m missing something that makes the “Open” status actually correct?

There may be activity by Xojo staff that you cannot see.


Ah, ok, thanks.

Not only Xojo staff, but other users could also add information visible to Xojo and themselves only.

My question would be why would they want to hide it?


Internal notes perhaps? Working on the case writing what may conflict with other parts of the IDE, information that doesn’t need/require information from the OP.

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Mine too, exactly.

Could be that they want to document that, for example, a fix requires a change to some unannounced feature that they are not ready to talk about yet.

In such cases, I’d prefer a note like “We’re planning to fix it” than just the status mismatching the last modification date.

Xojo changed to this system to not give hopes or time expectations to cases. They will never add a note “we’re planning to fix it” to any case because they want to fix all cases but they can’t, so they fix what they can and just change the case from Open to Fixed.

From what I understand Xojo staff can change the status from Archived to Open without adding a note to the case, so in this case, you can see an Open case that it looks like nothing has happened in 2 years or more and others are still Archived. The difference I see between an Open case and an Archived case is that the Archived case is no longer looked at by Xojo staff.

If an Archived case is important to you (the problem still affects you) and you already asked for reopening, wait a reasonable amount of time and if not open again file a new feedback case. Also, you can post about it on the forum for discussion, maybe others are also affected by it and someone has a workaround that can help until the case is really fixed.