Feedback about GraffitiSuite


I’m starting developing with XOJO migrating from VB6.
Does anyone use Graffitisuite web? Could give-me a feedback.

I wold like to know about develop sped and performance.

I use Graffitisuite Web in just about every product I develop (I use Xojo primarily for web applications) and I highly recommend it. It adds some of the basic controls that Xojo is missing. I use the Treeview, Grid and Context Menu controls a lot. Speed-wise, they perform very well and Anthony fixes any bug within hours of reporting them.

I only use part of the desktop suite, but I can vouch for Anthony’s support: it’s incredibly good.

I have used GraffitiSuite in almost all of my web applications as it saves all sorts of time developing some of these widgets myself. I found a bug once and Anthony was quick to jump on it and get a fix out. Nothing but positive things to say about the service and the product!

I’m one of the fan of Cypher the creator of Graffiti Suite. I owned Web and Desktop almost 3 years now, and I can say that using this add-on make your xojo web app looks very modern and appealing to the user.

He’s support is very fantastic! He guides you up to the fullest of his knowledge.