Feedback 2017R2 inoperative

I wanted to file a feature request from my PC. It logged in just fine, I wrote the FR, but when I tried to submit, the app sent me back to the login screen.

Msgbox :

Communication with the feedback master server has failed. Feedback will now quit.
Error #502: Connection did not complete due to HTTP error #400

How do you report a feedback bug when that feedback app is itself bugged ?


Try copying the body of your feedback into notepad then pasting it back into the ticket to remove any hidden/erroneous markup.

I believe a new version of feedback it coming at the start of the new year.

Fortunately ! since the state of this application is not a good advertisement for Xojo. I would opt for a nice webapp.


What in the world, why? +9000 points for sure.

Using a web app like Mantis would:

  • Allow people to check tickets on their mobile
  • Not require you to install yet another app to report a bug
  • Not fail miserably when you upload two screenshots to the base ticket
  • Reduce the manhours for maintenance (someone else maintains it!)

Actually, an app that works, like Windows Feedback used to work, would be just what I needed. Why not publish again the version just before that terrible bug ?

Whatever. . as long is it works. Nothing is more annoying than a buggy tool for reporting bugs.

If the feedback program will be a WE program, i seriously doubt it will be capable of handling the number of users, besides that it’s horribly slow, will be hard to debug and will probably take a lot of the resources Xojo needs for more important matters.
On Windows previous versions of the program did run, at least for me, fast and rocksolid, therefor there is no need and for me no wish for a new webversion, if i am entitled to have my own opnion.

Oh, I agree, a Xojo web app would be a poor choice for both performance and implementation time (because an entirely new system would have to be implemented). One of the benefits I listed (someone else maintaining the code) comes from using an existing open source project like Mantis.


The number of users doesn’t really matter. What’s way more important is the numer of concurrent users. I don’t think that this number is very high. You write a Feedback issue and quit. You do a search and quit. It’s not like we work the whole day in Feedback.

Mantis is majorly ugly.

Mantis was majorly ugly. I had a hard time using it and was looking at the API to write a desktop app for it in order to ease my daily use for work. Then we updated to the latest and it looks like a normal web app now. It’s much easier to use now that it’s adopted the average control panel look.

Take a look at the live demo

Unless you’re saying that you think this updated look is still ugly?

@Tim Parnell - have you got shares ?

I sound like it don’t I :stuck_out_tongue:

I honestly just want any system other than the current one, and I very much so enjoy using Mantis since we upgraded our installation to a modern version.