Feedback 2017R1.1 works perfectly

Great job, Greg.

Windows Feedback 2017R1.1 now launches instantly, and no longer waits and waits to connect.


Do there happen to be release notes at all?
Just a curiosity.

I’m missing the “switch user” function:

Curious behavioiur :-).
NOTE: I hit no enter key or mouse down or anything like that.


Works fine, but…
…I’m missing the SupportsHiDPI=true :slight_smile:

[quote=336467:@Jürg Otter]Works fine, but…
…I’m missing the SupportsHiDPI=true :)[/quote]
HTMLViewer is still having problems with HiDPI on Windows unfortunately and since the dashboard and report viewing use them we can’t upgrade yet.

[quote=336368:@Tim Parnell]Do there happen to be release notes at all?
Just a curiosity.[/quote]
Here are the highlights…

Feedback 2017r1.1 Release Notes

  • Built with Xojo 2017r1.1
  • Attaching files which have long mime types no longer cause crashes
  • The category menu on a new case now opens correctly when pressing the down arrow
  • The Xojo version popup on new cases is now the correct height on Linux
  • The icon for “System Data” on linux now appears correctly
  • Feedback no longer tries to resubmit a report just after it’s been sent when the submission takes a long time
  • Attaching a zero-length file now gives an appropriate error message
  • Feedback no longer tries to submit reports which are in progress
  • Added a menu item to trigger the processing of pending cases
  • Release note details are now scrollable
  • Removed Switch User command because it didn’t always result in a clean state for the new user.
  • Individual users now have their own on-disk cache to reduce cross contamination.
  • Users whose username is their email address can now log in.