Feedback 2016r1

Michel, maybe a traceroute would shed some light?

It would not explain why on the very same Internet connection Mac opens in a dozen seconds and Windows takes over a minute. And why with a VPN results are identical.

After installing Feedback, the settings for my other programs have changed with some fonts being very large, and some being very small. On Windows the paste messagebox is very large. Below is a screen grab of messagebox compared to a document with Calibri 12 font and a screen grab of some text from this forum.

When running on my Blender graphics program, the fonts are very small (my estimate is about calibri 1).

I don’t mind the feedback program changing local fonts for the Feedback program, but the installation program should not be changing global properties on my computer that affect other programs. Is there a way to fix this for future installs?

Edit: Fix the first image link (well, I tried to anyway)

Yeah, I suspect it’s a name resolution issue on Windows. Does it take that long for every request or just the login?

Just login.

Interesting. The login process is the only place where there’s four simultaneous HTTPSockets running at the same time. I wonder if that’s what the framework is choking on…

Same slowness here on Windows 10 AU release. Not using any VPN on stuff like that. <> again…? Haven’t tried threaded downloading, but will try.

Hmm, weird. Doesn’t look like retina on my rMBP.

I’m not experiencing any slowdown with the new release on Windows 10 from NZ. Has anyone added the address into their hosts file to eliminate any potential DNS bottleneck?

I didn’t.