Feeback : when a case is merged, keep alias?

Feeback : when a case is merged, maintatin the old ‘ghost’ case as an alias?
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Michael Diehr - Wednesday, March 6, 2013 @ 10:56 AM
If i create a case in feedback, sometimes it is merged with another pre-existing case. This is good. However, after merging, it’s very disorienting as I can no longer see the case in “My Cases” and the merged case often has a completely different name, so searching for it is difficult.

Proposal: if a case is merged, feedback should maintain the old case # as an alias to the new case, so it would still show up in a person’s “My Cases” list. Perhaps it could be greyed out to indicate that it’s an alias?

Keep a separate list of one’s cases in a text editor.

Sign on to <https://xojo.com/issue/25175> if you like the idea

Your proposal has a good effect if, additionally, above all the original text, in bold, we can see the info about that merging like “This case has been merged into case #nnnnnn [The new case description]” and when clicking on it, it sends you there.

I agree with Michael, this fact already disoriented me a lot. At least having an email notification which inform about the merge.

I still prefer my approach to this problem, due to the fact of just sending you an email and doing the merge, you, only you, will have the full info, and doing that on-line, anyone who pinned your case will see the change, can read the original, and after, can follow to the merged case.

When a merge happens, the remaining case replaces the merged case(s) in all lists. This includes what you’ve favorited, any folders it may be in, ranking positions… everything. Following a link to a merged case automatically loads the remaining case. Aside from showing you the “old” summary in your list as opposed to the new, there really isn’t anything more we can do.

I think the only remaining issue is the “My Cases” view as Michael had mentioned. That’s the only time a case will be removed from a list. But it’ll still appear in the “Participating In” list.

That’s exactly the problem.
I see one of my cases disappeared but it’s not easy to find in which of the “Participating In” cases was filed. Often the title of the remaining case is very different from the one(s) it merged and sometimes it’s completely another thing.
This is why I suggested a simple hint via email which says “Your case XXXXX was merged into case YYYYY”.

I don’t think they always do. I had two of my cases merged into <https://xojo.com/issue/24029> but #24029 doesn’t show up in my ‘Participating In’ list. Both were IDE-submitted cases but I wouldn’t have thought that made any difference.