Fedex Shipping

I want to integrate Fedex Shipping process in my Desktop application where i can print shipping label, get tracking no. etc.

Does anyone has done similar task? or can give me some suggestions?

Read their site or contact them to see if they offer an API or how some way to link their data to your App…

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FedEx has a robust developer API. Start at their Developer Resource Center and more specifically their FedEx Web Services. Features available depend on what country you are in. They can also provide sample code in PHP, C#, Java, and VB.Net in addition to all the documentation for their APIs.

You do have to register and create an account, but I believe it is free (last I knew).

I don’t know if anyone in the Xojo community has sample code available.

I did this for a previous employer years ago. If their API hasn’t changed, you’ll just need the ability to create and consume XML and make secure HTTP requests. Two things that are very easy to do in Xojo.

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Yes, the API is still XML and HTTP(S) based. If you are creating shipments and requesting shipping labels, they generate the “label buffer” and BASE64 encode it. Xojo also makes it easy to decode BASE64.

I have not used their API from Xojo (or any PC/mac type solution – only with larger IBM backoffice computers), so am just pointing you to the docs.