Feature requests

One can always hope …

45180 - iOS Please add pointerdown, pointerup and pointer drag to all controls
Status: Needs Review Rank: Not Ranked Product: Xojo Category: N/A

Michel Bujardet Today at 12:40 AM
Right now, only iOSCanvas has PointerDown, PointerUp and PointerDrag. Please consider adding these to all regular controls like MouseDown, MouseUp and MouseDrag have been present in Desktop for a decade and a half.

It would be real useful in ContainerControl.


45181 - iOS Please add Backdrop picture to iOSView, iOSContainerControl.
Status: Needs Review Rank: Not Ranked Product: Xojo Category: N/A

Michel Bujardet Today at 12:46 AM
Please add Backdrop picture to iOSView and iOSContainerControl, like it exists in Desktop.


45182 - iOS Please add BackColor to iOSControls
Status: Needs Review Rank: Not Ranked Product: Xojo Category: N/A

Michel Bujardet Today at 12:51 AM
Please add BackColor to all controls, such as iOSTextField, iOSButton, iOSRectangle, iOSOval, iOSView, iOSContainerControl, like it is the case in Desktop.


“needs review”? does that me “we have to decide if it is worth the effort?” or does that mean “we need to figure how to do it?”

45180, 45182 should have been in the initial release, that is such a important property
45181… yeah ok, images less important as background than COLOR,

“Pointer”? they can’t even use the more meaningful “touch”… sorry… I shake my head everytime I read one of these

Needs Review means that we’re all off for the week and will review these brand new cases on Monday.

When you create a new feature request, it is automatically in “need review”.

I filed these three because I could not find any, and indeed, I feel these are basic properties and events that one would expect to be here. Just like they are in XCode.

In XCode, views have backcolor, textfield too, labels as well, buttons have backcolor and image, and these colors can have alpha. Which means it should not be too difficult to expose these properties.

those were such basic features, I assumed they were OLD requests that Michel was bring to the forefront… but either way, to me its not excuse…

Well, better late than never :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought I had filed back in 2014, but obviously not. I did rant in the forum several times, though. Now that it is filed, we can live in hope.

Since there have been developments in iOS this year, I hope Geoff will realize that these FR are not asking for heavy development, yet they can bring big user satisfaction. It probably would not take extreme measures to put Xojo iOS on a comfortable level, at least. I don’t know how I would code Desktop or web if I had to use declares to get MouseDown or backcolor. I would probably not use Xojo.

I intend to stress that in person next month.