Feature Request

Is there some form of immediate window (like the one in VB6) where a programmer can test simple code snippets?

the default window ? (Window1)

Not sure I understand your answer, Emile - what I’m looking for is something that does what the VB version does:
While I’m debugging my main app I would have a second window available that lets me do things like testing code using the current properties from the main module i.e. for a chess program I might want to know what is currently on square 44 so I might type

print board(44).pieceval

where the immediate window knows about the properties and constants in the main window

So I could also type

print board(K4).pieceval

and the immediate window would understand that K4 is actually 44

That just scratches the surface; i frequently used it to check parentheses in complex expressions by setting a breakpoint and printing current values of expressions like ’


etc. If implemented I’m sure other uses could be implemented

Unfortunately this functionality isn’t present in Xojo. I, too, miss that at times. Your best bet is to create a Feedback Report for the feature request and post the report ID here.

To be fair, you can inspect all of the visible debugger properties by clicking the edit buttons on the right, so while it’s not as immediate, you can “drill-down” to the information you require.

Yeah, but the Immediate window allowed for executing code to modify and test values in ways that the Xojo debugger doesn’t currently support. It’s a nice feature, but not necessary.

It could be akin to giving a XojoScript interface on the debug process.

Me, sometimes I create a Floating window type with Textarea or Textfield included, and in #debugbuild I send the variables to: