Feature Request: XOJO Button Bar

In the good old days of Real Basic 9, the button bar was configurable,
and I used this feature to set up the buttons I required.
I never used Back & Forward, so they went to be replaced with Build & Stop.

I had hoped that the XOJO compiler had this feature, but it has been dropped.
Maybe someone thought they knew better what the users wanted?

I queried this and a feature request was recommended. So here we go:

Looking at the layout, I presume that some buttons are not shown, depending
on the features you are paying for. Even so, I should like to have all the
buttons (apart from Library & Inspector) to be configurable.

I can understand buttons like Upgrade being there short term, but it’s not
something I am ever likely to use. Buttons for your web site and the Forum
would be far more useful. (Upgrade and Feedback are already on the Help
menu, so I don’t think qualify for the button bar.

A Stop button would be good too, as the Run tab may not be visible and
you may need to stop it urgently.

Save would also be useful, I tend to save after each change. Ok, maybe not
that important, but I feel safer that way.

A small Find input field would be good too, yes I know Ctrl+F takes you there,
but the previous find text is still there and gets appended so you have to
beware. A find field in the button bar could just replace the find input
and be cleared on enter.

A button for the each of the manuals (especially the Language Reference)
would be good.

Of course, for the really advanced users, being able to enter user defined
buttons with a simple form to set the ICON, command and parameter fields
would be excellent. Being a Windows guy, I would use this to:

  1. Run explorer to open my XOJO software library
  2. Open the Registry
    and run my backup software…

Something to think about?

Many thanks,

Richard Gamester.

There’s also no way to make the toolbar use small icons or just text. Vertical real estate is usually at a premium and only having one size (large) wastes a ton of space.

I’m not sure if there’s a Feedback case for this particular want. I know a lot of users have had issues with it. I know I flagged it early on but there were so many other big issues it may have fallen by the wayside.

Theres a number of feature requests for things like this

seems to be a need of your users :wink:

It’s a small need not a BIG need. While it’s not optimal, for a long time there were much bigger issues to deal with. But I’m hoping that in whatever IDE redesign that’s coming up (as said at XDC 2015) it will be addressed.

Thanks for your feedback guys, I appreciate it.
I made this post when Alyssa Foley (of XOJO’s Customer Services) recommended it.
And when someone like that recommends it, you do it…

I’ve been using Real Basic for many years and will continue to do so, rather than
go through rewriting my complete software library. That apart it also uses less memory…

I must admit that I am new to XOJO and it eventually dawned on me what the Back
button does, so yes it’s good. XOJO is certainly is a very different beast compared
with RB9!

That said, hopefully the developers will find time to make this happen some time.
It would be really GREAT if they allowed user defined their own buttons, but I live
in hope and as the saying goes - if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Richard Gamester