Feature Request: Support for xslt 2.0 / xpath 2.0

Feedback Case Number: 75767

From the beginning of 2025, companies in Germany must be able to receive and process electronic invoices. Three XML formats CII, UIBL according to XRechnung and Factur-X were approved for reception, validation and optical processing. xslt files are available for the validation and optical presentation of the XML files, but they are only available in xslt 2.0 standard.

Since all invoices in the entire EU must be available electronically by 2028, it is time to integrate xslt 2.0 (or better yet, 3.0) into Xojo.



I would imagine that they would need to replace the entire Xml Engine they use under the hood.

The engine they use is very old. (unless there is somewhere serious upgrade for the engine but I think there is not)

Yes, I think the XML in Xojo is based on Xalan, an Apache project that hasn’t seen any further development for many years.
Unfortunately, almost all free projects in this area are stuck with xslt 1.0, only Saxon (partly free software, partly commercial) supports both xslt 2.0 and xslt 3.0.

But that cannot mean that the technology simply remains stuck at an ancient level and that as a developer you have to look for solutions outside…