Feature request: Description on WebStyle

I’ve added a feature request for a description property on WebStyles.

<https://xojo.com/issue/37309>[quote]It would be helpful if there was a description property for WebStyles so we can note what a style consists of or what it’s intended for or whatever else we want to make note of. Then have this description appear in the Style chooser popup in addition to the name (e.g. “MyStyle: green right-justified 11pt text on red background”).

Just using long names for WebStyles is not very workable as you then can’t read all of the name unless you make both the Navigator and Inspector really wide. But with this enhancement we could keep the style name short but still see the longer description when choosing the style on a control.

A bonus would be to have the description searchable. Then we could search for all styles that have certain features (assuming we have properly described all of the styles). This would help prevent creating redundant styles when we didn’t realize one already existed because of the large number of styles already in the project.[/quote]

Please add some points if you like.

Good one. Thumbs up! :slight_smile:

Currently I just have really long style names.
Sometimes like:


I think adding a description would help more so if it actively came up in the inspector of the IDE. I have this problem with adding descriptions to properties on custom classes and modules. Mousing over should show the description in the same way the method parameters are shown. Without this the WebStyle’s description wouldn’t be very helpful.

Yes, a mouse hover display of the description in the Navigator is another helpful addition (I assume you meant Navigator and not Inspector). But my suggestion to display the description in the popup menu on the Inspector for controls is where I see the most benefit. This makes it easier to choose the correct style for controls.