feature needs..

could I code all rbbasic in a pure text model?
thus I could define the class,function easilily.

and by the way, when will the 2016 r2 release? will to buy one then.

  • not at this time… although you can always write code in a text editor and paste it into the IDE, not that I can see a benefit to that
  • to quote Norman. it will be available when it is available, release dates are not published ahead of time

thanks but sometimes click ,right click is easy but waste more time.when I familar with it, it would better that I could use a editor to write it. but there project file is encrypt…

The binary format isn’t encrypted but its NOT human readable

IF you dont have a license theres not much you can do since you wont be able to save a project in anything but binary

r2 will come before Christmas :wink: