Is there a way to send a fax right from the computer? I mean I have to create a pdf, then print it, then scan it then fax it from my all-in-one Epson printer. I can scan from the computer, after I put a document on the scan bed, and save the scan to a pdf. I can print the pdf, or email the pdf, but shouldn’t there be a way to send it as a fax to a fax number right from the computer?

The reverse would be useful also. I mean it would be useful if I could receive the fax on my Macbook Pro, instead of having it printed out. ??

FAX? isn’t that so 18th century :slight_smile:
there are probably still 3rd party Fax apps out there… but I thought that still required a TELEPHONE line? but then I think 1872 was the last time I used a fax machine :smiley:

on epson aio printers, you install the printer, but you can also at the same place (system preferences-printers) install a fax-printer.
then, printing on the fax-printer deos in fact fax it.
you have to manipulate the printrecorddialog to set the fax number if you want to automate this.

and - yes - you should forget about the faxes … use email.

certain industries require faxes and don’t do email/PDFs.

Also because in certain cases a fax is a legally valid transmission (air freight cargo, lawyers, bank-to-bank express wire transfers, etc.). There are even industries still using Telex…

That’s nothing! I actually used a REGULAR PHONE the other day! A PHONE!

I had a business INSIST I Fax a document to them from my home… I told them I did not have a fax machine, and was not willing to search around town for a office store that had one I could rent. I told them I could email them the document as a PDF, they said it had to be a “paper” document… I said… “So PRINT it when you get it”… Believe it or not, they sent a courier to pick up a copy of that exact same PDF that I printed… what a waste of man-power that was!

One with a rotary dial?

  • Hello Mabel, could you connect me with the Sheriff please?
  • Hello, Sheriff?
  • Hello, Sheriff?
  • [911]
  • Siri! [Alexa|Cortana] CALL THE SHERIFF

The evolution of the “telephone”

You might check your Internet provides router. Could be it provide the option to send and receive FAX.

On Mac you can use NSPrintInfoMBS class in MBS Plugins to setup printing to your fax and pass the fax number.
We have done that before and it worked for a few clients.
e.g. to send PDF to fax.

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You did not mention on what platform you need your FAX software. But on windows you can use Windows Fax And Scan that are included in some versions of windows (If you are still able to get a FAX modem) :slight_smile: See link

You can install HylaFAX, a modem and send PDF, Text and TIFF Files from a shell command: http://hylafax.sourceforge.net/


[quote=348911:@JosMaraTerryJimnez]You can install HylaFAX, a modem and send PDF, Text and TIFF Files from a shell command: http://hylafax.sourceforge.net/
love the paragraph about “Faxing with an AS/400” …

Even if you don’t have a landline, many VOIP adapters support the T.38 fax protocol https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T.38 and if your faxing device also supports it, you can send faxes just as if you had a landline. (Many VOIP providers also have email to fax gateways, but this is different).