Favorite tools that you use in conjunction with Xojo?

What third party tools does everyone like best?

I like TextExpander for typing receptive code and commenting code with date and time stamps.
I can type huge blobs of code with three or 4 keys

And I have come to really use Sequel Pro (Free!) for mySQL.

RegExRX. :slight_smile:

Mine may sound weird, but as I still use RB a lot, I catch myself using the old IDE and then copying it into the Xojo one. But that’s more of a 2.5 party tool I guess :slight_smile:

Further, as I’m a big fan of the canvas control, I’ll have The Paint Shop Pro 6.0 always open next to me (to find pixel colors and positions within a picture and use in Xojo)

I use NotePad++ as a kind of multi-clipboard/text compare tool

And my occasional sigaret and Red Bull as they seem to stimulate my thinking process…

I still develop in RB and do just the final compile in Xojo.

RegExRX and caffeine :stuck_out_tongue:

TextWrangler, Sequel Pro, iTerm(as I do a lot of Linux console apps) and my own Aeon Timer :wink:
And yeah, Burn :wink:

SQLite manager, Alfred (for hotkey macro’s) on Mac. Evernote as code repository.

Oh, forgot Cornerstone (SVN client)

I still develop in RB and do just the final compile in Xojo ,also.
I keep trying to use Xojo as an IDE but I can’t find anything!

Downloaded 2014 then found it deprecates OSX 10.7 so that’s no use to me at the minute.

Registrations since January 2014 break down as
30% OSX 10.6,
32% OSX 10.7,
5% OSX 10.8 and the rest must be assumed to be 10.9,
although the code I use to get the OS version hasn’t registered a single 10.9 at all, so Im assuming the remainder are 10.9 and I have a bug to fix… :slight_smile:

Sequel Pro, MAMP, Dash and iTunes :slight_smile:

GitHub for Mac, TextEdit, Safari (to test the JavaScript to see if it is an issue with the JS or somewhere in the bridge to Xojo) and iTunes (good call Matteo :wink: )

Not forgetting: PaintDS (from DaveS) for images. InnoSetup on the PC.

I made a Xojo specific ‘Text Expander’ named Xippy which sits next to Xojo in my dock. Xippy is used to start Xojo and project files are repointed to it so it’s is always running when Xojo is (and automatically quits when Xojo does). It installs a global hotkey and when triggered if Xojo is frontmost my text expanding IDE Script is sent to Xojo. Quite round-about but it’s actually very snappy. I plan to add hotkeys for things like closing the bottom pane and moving from the method name field to the parameters field, once I figure out how :slight_smile:

Best thread ever :slight_smile:

I try to bring as few apps as possible into my workflow. Less chance of something ruining it by being abandoned by the developer! I use Pixelmator, Dash, TextEdit and a YouTube channel called TexasHighDef, who has a lot of awesome 1 and 2 hour long natural rain noise videos. Rain on a tent, rain on a tin roof, that kind of thing, all real and natural with no background music. It’s the only way I can work (I work from home and there are two small children running around downstairs!)

Love this Youtube channel as some of them are over 8 hours! Bookmarked for later as now its ‘Kurt Cobain Day’ on my local radio station and that takes me a couple of decades back…

For Mac: Sequel Pro for MySQL, SQLite Professional for SQLite, Art Text 2 for logos, AppWrapper for the MAS/website, RapidWeaver for web site iFrames, my own CleanHaven for cleaning up any text/data and UpdaterMBS to ensure Mac/Win user run the latest version from the web site. Xcode to provide the iPhone/iPad simulator for WE apps plus the Application Loader app to get files onto the Apple MAS.

For WIndows: ResourceTuner for Windows to force an app or installer to run as Administrator, MoleBox for Windows to turn Xojo app into a single PC executable, InnoSetup to create a Windows Installer.

This intrigues me… Can you tell me (us) more about it… Does it work with the WebKit HTMLViewer? Resource folders?


Takes your Windows Xojo app with all its Libs and Resources folders plus whatever else you specify and turns it into one Windows .exe file. When it runs it operates in a virtual image. We use it for security of content reasons since it can compress and encrypt the contents. Others may use it for use of use for the client. It can create its own virtual registry so it leaves the Windows registry alone.

We then take this .exe and create an installer using InnoSetup. Since we need the installer and Xojo app to run as Admin we run the two of them through ResourceTuner first and change one line.

Greatest thread ever =)

-Visual Studio 2008 for C++ work and DLL creation for Xojo support
-My own custom Inno Builder, for bulk installer-creation
-ConTEXT programmers text editor
-SpeedTyping (auto-typing text-inserter, KILLER)
-PNG Mask Extractor (to separate masks from PNG’s for Xojo)
-WinMerge (syncing C++ source codes manually)
-CKRename for bulk renaming of files
-(Custom) FloatDisplay, which helps me see numerical representations of floats in HEX
-Eudora for Email - absolutely ancient but there’s nothing even close for email
-CoolEdit 96 sample editor (ancient but light and easy)
-BoxShot 3D for composing great box shots
-CamStudio for product videos done on Windows

-XCode 3 for C++ work and DYLIB creation for Xojo support
-PackageMaker (for Mac installers)
-My own custom Package Builder, for bulk package making from the command line and zipping the results up
-PCCalc3 Calculator widget
-Screenflow for product videos and final composition
-Toast (for composing Mac/Win CD’s - custom hybrid)

Xplat: Filezilla FTP, Kontakt software sampler; and let’s not forget the hex dumpers: 0xE (Mac) and HxD (Win).

[h]OS X[/h]

  • Versions
  • Kaleidoscope
  • SourceTree
  • AquaPath
  • Iceburg
  • TextWrangler
  • ForkLift
  • iOS Simulator
  • PathFinder
  • Twitterific
  • Evernote
  • Trello
  • SnagIt
  • VMware Fusion
  • Rdio
  • Zoom.us
  • Messages
  • Google Chrome
  • SQLVue
  • CodeVue
  • CrashPlan
  • Box
  • DropBox
  • LaunchBar


  • Classic Shell
  • Notepad++
  • 7Zip
  • Google Chrome
  • FoxIt Reader
  • InnoSetup
  • Advanced Installer
  • Remote Debugger Desktop


  • System Load Indicator
  • Unity Tweak Tools
  • Nemo
  • Chromium
  • Mint
  • InstallJammer
  • Remote Debugger Desktop