Favorite SQL editor?

What SQL editors are people liking for creating and setting up relational databases here?

i use SQLiteManager from SQLabs since 2005

Navicat, only down side being its not cheap :frowning:

For SQLite databases I prefer SQLiteManager. For MySQL I use the free MySQL Workbench.

SQLiteManager for quick and dirty stuff. Like Paul I use Navicat for more involved work and non SQLite databases even though it isn’t cheap. The nice thing about Navicat (Premium) is you get a standard interface for SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQL Server. I went with the Windows version to get the reporting functionality as well.

There are many good free products out there as well. A Google search will give you all you need.

I keep seeing RazorSQL come up in my searches, and its overview seems impressive. Anyone here tried it?

I have Razor SQL. It works very well, although I find the interface a little clunky. I use it for maintaining and dealing with ‘back end’ Microsoft Access databases.

I’ve been using Navicat for quite some time. They now have a $30 version (Premium Essentials) that does everything I need to do.

I use Sequel for MySQL on mac. Never needed more and it fits my needs to a T.

In Windows I use SQLYog (although the license is paid by the company, so it might be too expensive for normal use otherwise).

I too own NaviCat (bought it when it was 50% off) but like SQL Editor best - marvelous program (though expensive), on a par with software like OmniGraffle or RegExRX.


Navicat, it’s a great tool, layed out so well. Not cheap, but worth every penny. I tried the Premium Essentials and it would do most of what I need, but I had already locked in for a couple of years on their Pro version. I own it on both the Mac and Windows, fairly similar.

sqlitestudio for SQlite databases and for MySQL databases, the MySQL Workbench. Both are free

Sequel Pro for MySQL - free and great