Favicon on the fly

Im trying to figure out how to dynamically update the favicon of an application during runtime.

At the moment, I can easily paste the logo directly within the App class in the IDE.

However, I’m curious if there’s a way to modify the favicon, potentially during the application’s open event, or at any other point after the application has already started

If GraffitiSuite is an option, I have GraffitiFavIcon, which has a SetIcon(URL as String) method.


Out of curiosity…

What would you use this for?
I can imagine that during the holidays you could theme an icon to fit the “time of the year”.

But such an icon is rather small, right? I could imagine that you could make a dynamic icon, like a clock.

But again, a FaveIcon as rather small :thinking:

If you follow Anthony’s link, you can see an example, you can get something like:
the number is added if > 0.


These are two separate clients of ours. However the application code is from the same code base and we customize each individual client. The app class is always merged from the same source. So if we simply change the icon, it gets rewrite when the course software is done.

When I look up in the tabs, I get very lost as to which one is which
CleanShot 2024-02-13 at 12.08.04

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That makes a lot of sense.
Clever idea, @Jay_Menna!

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