When I click on SHARED (BUILD SETTINGS) in 2013 R3.2 always get a FATAL ERROR and the application closes, It is therefore not possible to establish and / or change the properties of the application version.

Known issue for Windows users on 2013R3.2

Windows Crash

Xojo Inc recommends that you stick with Xojo R3.1. Check Brian Franco’s link for more information.

Any other known issue about R3.2?

I distributed an application compiled with R3.2

The crash issue is related to the IDE

I have not encountered any other issues, I just went back to 2013R3.1

I was also using version 3.2 on Windows which crashed when clicked on the “Shared” folder.

As long as I did not click on “Shared” everything seems to work fine. However I followed the advice of Geoff Perlman and I am using 3.1 again on this moment.

Don’t worry, this bug will be fixed but the Windows side is not on their priority list so it can take a while.

Anyway I found out the bug by accident, If this bug is affecting your applications, just use 3.1 in the meantime.

I’d expect it to be fixed soon

I reported this a while ago. The bug report is now marked as “Fixed & Verified”.


It is fixed in 2013r3.3 which is out now.