fatal error from container control

After shelling out 400 bucks for the web version of Xojo, I am encountering a plethora of problems with IDE issues. The latest being with the container control which once I have placed a label control on it and then manually try to resize it in the IDE. The IDE then raises a fatal error and then asks me to report the problem. It then raises another fatal error when I try to log in to report the error. Other problems I am seeing with the web version or more accurately is the container control which I cannot reference its Left or visible properties as I get an “this item does not exist” bug at compile. The other letdown is the amount of support I can get on this forum. It seems that not a lot of regulars on this forum are big fans of the web app development part of Xojo and hence, the level of response to web app questions is nowhere as high as mainstream app development. See the light people! Web apps are the future!!

If you can consistently recreate the fatal error then file a feedback case with the steps and a sample project so that Xojo can look into it.

As for the container control not being able to reference its left and visible properties, I have no trouble with this. Issues like this can be related to other errors in the code which appear as properties not existing. This frequently happens in desktop with the “name” properties supposedly not existing for controls on the window even though they do. To remedy this you will want to start with a working container and slowly add code back until the problem appears again which will allow you to find the issue.

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What is the Super of your container set to?

Web container

I am not sure that I would use the word ‘Super’ and web container in the same sentence at this juncture.

That should have read:[quote=105667:@Brad Hutchings]It seems that not a lot of regulars on this forum areNOT big fans of the web app development part of Xojo and hence[/quote]

I just replied in your original post after trying the very same code line you posted, and the left problem does not exist. The error you blame on Xojo is in fact elsewhere in your code.

The only way I can reproduce the error is by placing mnuhome.left = label1(0).left in the Open event of the parent ContainerControl instead of in an event in the scope of the WebPage. Could it be what happened ?

I could not reproduce the resize issue but have no reason to doubt it occured. Which platform are you using the IDE in ? Windows, Linux, Mac ? Sometimes such a problem happens once and never comes back.

As for the level of support, it will be proportional to the amount of information you supply. Even the most adept of members cannot help with the little you posted, besides advising elementary verification. I find your statement unfair, as several participants in this forum have tried to help you and had very little feedback from you in return. Only through dialog will you get more support. Not blame.

If you care looking through the web channel posts by clicking “Web”, you will see contrary to your assertion that in many occurrences, members have gone out of their way, including coding entire portions of programs, to provide outstanding support. I personally supplied not long ago not one, but two ready to roll projects to bring hot spots to Web edition programs, including legacy HTML ones.

Now I understand you are frustrated because you probably expected a quicker result. Try to relax a little, stand back and rebuild your code step by step, you will see that a little patience goes a long way towards achieving what you want. And a bit of gratitude does wonders, sometimes.

I understand you are frustrated, but we are trying to help you. I’d still like to see your project, so if you’ll create a private case in Feedback and send it, I’ll look at it today.

FWIW, the conclusion that I’ve seen many Xojo developers reach when working with the web framework is that it requires a slightly different mindset to accomplish the things you can on the desktop. Latency is a huge factor in this because we all get so used to the fact that events and code execute instantaneously when they are called on the desktop. Whereas on the web there’s a delay, however small, which depends not only on distance a user is from the server, but also the condition of the internet locally and globally. Once you wrap your mind around the differences, things tend to go a lot smoother.

[quote=105676:@Chris Benton]That should have read:

Yeah, I read it as you intended. There are some big fans of Web Edition (WE) who participate here. That was the point of my response. Greg’s advice is spot-on. WE is a different beast and requires a little bit different mindset than desktop app development. When you get your head around why the first glance frustrating things are what they are, you’ll have an appreciation of better ways to use the tool.