fatal error after moving project files

After moving my project files to an external ssd drive on my mac Xojo won’t run from startup.

Im pretty sure it has something to do with saved preferences/caches.

I have no idea what files to delete or where they are located…can any one help

Take a couple of deep breaths.

What do you mean with “my mac Xojo won’t run from startup”? Xojo doesn’t start? If that’s the case delete user/Library/Caches/Xojo and try again. If you have a different problem please describe in more detail.

And restart your computer.

When double clicking the desktop shortcut for xojo I get the fatal error message. Xojo won’t start…

Yes thats where I thought they would be located but there isn’t a xojo directory in that location or in any other cache folder. ???

What error message do you get? Which version of macOS do you use? Which version of Xojo? Are you really on a Mac? You don’t normally use desktop shortcuts on a Mac.

You are still panicking. Deep breaths! And then you can describe your problems properly.

Haha not panicking:

using shortcuts on desktop
double clicking icon in applications
tried re-installing xojo visions 2018 - 2019
mojave 10.14.4,
macbook air

error message
“This application has encountered a fatal problem and must be shut down…”