Failing Preparing for MAS :)

I am following Thomas’ blog (Mac App Store Submission Tutorial for Xojo Developers )
on how to prepare your app for the MAS and I am failing the open code block with the exit 173 message.

  //#if DebugBuild = false then
    #if TargetMacOS = true then
      dim f as FolderItem
      f = app.ExecutableFile.Parent.Parent // "Contents" folder
      f = f.Child("_MASReceipt").Child("receipt") // this is where the App Store puts the receipt when "buying" an app
      if not CertTools.IsValid (CertTools.DeviceGUID, CertTools.ReadReceipt(f), "com.intelligentvisibility.intelligentsubnetcalculator") then
        declare sub exit_ lib "System" alias "exit" (code as Integer)
        exit_ (173)
 // #endif

I debugged it so far and I chose to use the shell method to get my mac address successfully. However I get the exit_(173) everytime I step through it.

Any help is always appreciated! :slight_smile:

Thank you

That exit will tell the MAS software on your Mac to authenticate your purchase, then relaunch your app. But you must set up your app at iTunesConnect first, and set up a test account.

:slight_smile: aha thanks Kem! I have not done that step yet. Thanks again!

It’s counter-intuitive. That stumped me, literally, for months.

Check out the Credits :slight_smile: Thanks again for all of your help!

link text

:slight_smile: Much appreciated.

Its amazing what a little ABS() will do for you :slight_smile: Thanks for catching the negative math issue :slight_smile: