Failed to locate framework DLL

I just installed a XOJO 2017 release 1.1 compiled app on my Windows Server 2003 and when I try to launch that app on that Windows Server 2003 it gives me this runtime error:
Failed to locate framework DLL

It works fine though on my Windows 10 laptop.

These are the DLLs in the library folder prepared by XOJO after compilation:
Internet Encodings.dll, msvcp140.dll, ODBCPlugin.dll, Shell.dll, SSLSocket.dll, vccorlib140.dll, vcruntime140.dll, XojoGUIFramework32.dll

Please help, I really need to get this fixed - Thank you

There are LOTS of posts in the forum about this topic. Do you try the Search function?

Do you copy ALL the folders and files creted by the compilation?

this likely isn’t a supported combination. Have a look to Deprecations — Xojo documentation and - while Win2k3 isn’t explicitly listed there I would assume it falls in the same category as WinXP, so something around Xojo 2015r2.4 would be the last supported version. (see also <>) You should file a Feedback ticket against the Documentation to get this clarified and clearly documented.

This exact message happened to me back in Jan 2017 on a Windows 8.1 Pro machine, it was due to a missing Windows 10 Universal C Runtime for Windows which isn’t released for 2003 or XP. So try turning on “Include Runtime DLL’s” inside the gear on the right nav when you click “This Computer”. This will include a lot of DLL’s, try copying the whole folder to the 2003 server and see if that works. As 2003 isnt a microsoft supported system any more it wont really matter than you’re copying those dll’s with your app as I assume this is an internal project? Hope it helps.