"Failed to locate Framework DLL" under Wine in Linux

Hi everyone,

this is the first time I write on the forum for help, even though I read many of entries in search of many answers. And I need your help, guys. I learnt on my own how to code in Xojo and finally after moths of work I have done my own personal app, which I can use in my highschool. I bought a Windows license and I built the app. Everything works fine but the problem is that some of the computers in my school only have a simple version of Linux and I cannot use windows. I’ve tried to install Wine in those computers for executing my app but I get always same error: “Failed to locate Framework DLL” But it is still there! I’ve tried to copy the file “XojoGUIFramework32.dll” just next right to the .exe. I’ve tried everything but got same error. I am very frustrated because I’ve expent a lot of time doing something now it’s useless…
Please, can you help me?

By the way, sorry if my English is not good.

Have you tried compiling your app for Linux rather than attempting to use Wine to run the Windows version on Linux? Wine is not a supported environment, but for 32-bit apps you usually want XojoGUIFramework32.dll in the “Libs” folder that is beside the app.

Thanks for reply Paul. I have Windows license only because almost all of the computers I use have Windows installed. But only a few have an educative (and also very protected) version of Linux. Besides, I don’t understand very well how Linux works. And yes, XojoGUIFramework32.dll is in the libs forlder. I’ve copied it almost everywhere!

I am not a programmer, I am a school teacher but I like programming. This is why I have only Windows license…

Nice to hear from teachers using Xojo!

Unfortunately it’s entirely possible that Wine just does not implement enough of the Windows API that is necessary for Xojo apps to work. Or the Linux version could be too limited.

If the Linux version you are using is 64-bit, perhaps you can try installing the free version of Xojo on it to see if it is able to open and run your project.

Otherwise you would need a Desktop license in order to compile a 32-bit app for Linux. Contact Customer Service and they can get you more information about upgrading to a Desktop license.

Thanks again Paul… Thing is, even though I get a desktop Linux license, I am not sure if I will be able to run the app on those computers, basically because I dont understand Linux …
One thing I love of Xojo is that it produces kind of portable apps, I can run directly from my USB stick. Very useful! I wrote small apps for my day to day use and it is great. But Linux, I have no idea how to deal with it.
By the way, I am not a computer teacher but a Spanish-French teacher, so my knowledge of computing (and Linux) is limited …
Thank you again for your time Paul!

When I’m back in my office tomorrow I’ll build you a small 32-bit Linux app you can use to test on your Linux computers to see if it will work.

What version of Windows is Wine emulating? The last versions of Xojo will not compile for XP. Just wondering if that may be the issue.

Wine is emulating Windows 8…

Here is a simple 32-bit Linux desktop app that you can use to try on your Linux version to see if it can run Xojo Linux apps at all:

Linux Test App

Linux system requirements information is here:

Linux System Requirements