Failed to create build on windows

Hello ,
We have used MySqlCommunityServer MBS plugin for connecting to remote mysql database from xojo desktop application.
When we tried to create build from Windows 7 machine ,it creates empty build folder.
When we tried to create build from MAC ,it successfully creates build but when we tried to run creted build from windows machine ,it gives error for missing dll.
Can anyone tell me what are we missing or it can be any other problem?
We need to solve this problem very soon.
Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure why building on Windows isn’t working for you.
If building on Mac works, then great.

The answer to your missing dll question can be found in your Xojo Documentation folder.
Read up on WindowsUniversalRuntime.pdf

Have you copied the Lib and resources folders ?
This is what should be copied :

myapp.exe myapp Libs (folder) myapp Resources (folder)

In addition, you want to read WindowsUniversalRuntime.pdf in Documentation about how to implement the VC redistribuable runtime.

Basically, install the VC redistributable located in Extras/Windows Runtime or copy the DLLs from Extras/Windows Runtime/Files next to the exe.