Eye Dropper doesn't work when using Color Picker

A weird occurrence that I’ve just noticed with 15r1 under OS X 10.10.2. Aside from the blown out color saturation levels display, if you click the eye dropper to match a color on the screen, the eye dropper tool shows as selected, but the pointer doesn’t change. Clicking on an object other than the eye dropper icon results in a beep. After you close the color picker dialog, the mouse point changes to the magnifier and you’re now required to click to return to the normal point. The color where you click is not applied to whatever you were trying to apply the color onto.



See here for a couple workarounds https://forum.xojo.com/16488-selectcolor-issue-on-yosemite
Sam’s uses an NSColorWell and mine works without a UI widget.

Unfortunately, I need it to work in the IDE… I just realized that I didn’t make that clear above :frowning: .

the color picker in 10.10 is completely async & works radically different than before

thanks apple

try my little Color Helper, if you have selected a color it is in the clipboard.
I used the solution of Sam Rowlands (macoslib)