Extracting ZIP removes Hidden attribute?

When extracting a ZIP file on Windows 10 that has hidden folders in it, those folders lose the hidden attribute.

I can explore the ZIP while it’s compressed and explorer shows that the directory is hidden, but when I extract the directory is no longer hidden.

Is this normal Windows behavior?
Is there a way to preserve the hidden attribute?

You’re unzipping manually or in code? Does the Windows system unzip facility also do this?

(If you need code on how to get Windows to unzip, check the Kaju project.)

This is all in Windows Explorer. I’m not really a Windows expert, so I figured I might ask you all.

Google wasn’t helping much, I kept getting results for how to hide files by using a zip archive (ie password protecting your “personal” images) and using a dot to hide files on Linux >_>

I am open to using a special tool to create the ZIP so that the Hidden attribute is maintained, but it must be able to extract successfully using only Windows Explorer (right-click > extract)

Right-click on the file and check whether the attribute is still hidden. If it is, then “Show hidden files, folders and drives” in Control Panel - File Explorer Options is enabled. Or in windows 10 File Explorer toolbar - View - Hidden items.

I just tested using Windows 10 File Explorer to “Extract All” and the folders and files maintained the hidden attributes.